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Wright State Online Course

Enhancing Literacy with Multimedia
English 685 - Spring 2004
Studies in English Education
3 Quarter Credit Hours

Dr. Nancy Mack
Wright State University
Department of English Language and Literatures
451 Millett Colonel Glenn Highway
Dayton, Ohio 45435

The purpose of this course is to consider how computers, video, and websites can be used to facilitate literacy development in the language arts classroom. This class is only open to teachers who are participating in the Ohio Reading Road Trip multimedia program. As an experiment in computer technology itself, this course will meet in cyberspace rather than in a classroom at Wright State University. Teachers can access the web site from home or school at their convenience.

Participants from all over the state will be in contact with other teachers in two ways. The primary contact will be a discussion group that can be accessed from the Ohio Reading Road Trip web site. Each participant will write ten weekly response journal entries about his or her classroom experiences with the Ohio Reading Road Trip materials that will be posted for other teachers to read and respond to. Each teacher will design one classroom lesson plan, involving students responding to a work of literature written by an Ohio author that may be shared with other Ohio Reading Road Trip participants.


  • Spring Quarter begins March 29, 2004 and ends June 5, 2004.
  • Cost: $247 per credit hour ($741 total) plus $10 for first-time WSU students.
  • Non-degree students should NOT apply online - online applicants will be charged a $30 application fee.
  • A limited number of scholarships are available to teachers in lowest-wealth school districts. To find out if you are eligible, contact Erin Burke at 937-220-1707.

To register, contact Janet McLendon Harbort at janet.harbort@wright.edu. Be sure to put ORRT in the subject line of your message. You will receive an email message with detailed directions for registering for and enrolling in the online course. Directions will be provided for students seeking graduate credit as well as for those who prefer a noncredit option.

Questions about the course? Contact Dr. Nancy Mack at nancy.mack@wright.edu.

Questions about registration? Contact Janet McLendon Harbort at 937-775-2196 or janet.harbort@wright.edu.

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