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Middle School Literacy & Reading/Writing Workshop

"The expanding literacy demands placed upon young people at the beginning of the 21st century include more reading and writing tasks than at any other time in human history".
—International Reading Association

Middle school educators are in the difficult position of realizing the importance of literacy skills for students as they prepare for high school, and grappling with the difficulties of motivating these young teens.

Ohio Reading Road Trip is based on the best methods developed by reading/writing workshops to fully engage students in reading and writing in meaningful ways. These methods were popularized by Nanci Atwell in her book, In the Middle, New Understandings About Writing, Reading and Learning.

In addition to Ohio Reading Road Trip lessons, CD and video, the web site offers these links to support middle school language arts teachers.

Making Meaning in Literature, an Annenberg/CPB project.

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Descriptions of and links to websites related to literacy learning, and annotated lists of literacy-related websites structured around specific themes are presented in The Electronic Classroom.

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The National Writing Project has additional articles supporting teachers in language arts.

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