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Resources for Teachers

Ohio Reading Road Trip is designed to provide middle school language arts teachers with materials, tools and training that engage students, motivate them to read, and improve the literacy skills they'll use for a lifetime.

Ohio Reading Road Trip Professional Development Workshops take place throughout the state in early 2004.

Graduate credit is available to teachers through the Wright State Online Course.

Chapbooks should be fun, not frustrating! Creating Chapbooks gives easy, step-by-step instructions and a form teachers can download and follow.

Extension Activities provide teachers with online plans that increase students' knowledge and appreciation for novels, short fiction and poetry.

What are the greatest challenges you face in teaching literacy skills? ORRT has answers and resources for teachers who want help in Middle School Literacy & Reading/Writing Workshop.

The Ohio Reading Road Trip Instructor's Guide is online; download your copy today.

In partnership with the Ohio Arts Council, ORRT is providing twenty two-week Resident Author Programs in low-wealth schools. Take a look at the project and read about student and teacher response to this incredible opportunity.

Technology can—and is—revolutionizing teaching and learning. Using Technology in the Classroom offers information on what's available, how to incorporate technology into your classroom and where to find more information.

Need to provide some incentive to students? Writers' Thoughts on Writing has information from Ohio Authors and writers from a number of fields on how they write and tips new writers can try for themselves.

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