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Research on the Web

Finding music and games on the Internet is a lot easier than finding good information for a school project. The best place to research a topic -- now and for the foreseeable future -- is the public library, but sometimes teachers will let you conduct your research on the Web to get the information you need.

Whole books and detailed guides have been published on how to do this. However, there are web sites that can help you refine your search skills.

A Students Guide to Research with the WWW is a nice place to begin because if you have already learned about one part of the process, you can move ahead to the next topic.

QuickStudy Library Research Guide is published by the University of Minnesota, but it's helpful for younger students too; the site is well-organized and the steps are brief.

Basic Tutorial on Researching the Web Also called "Bare Bones 101," this site gives the basics for learning how to use search engines to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. There's also a section titled "Quick Tips."

Classzone from McDougal Littell offers tools and strategies you'll need to conduct effective research on the Web.

Doing Research on the Web - A Brief Guide from Cornell Library at Swarthmore College has a single page tip sheet with search term information for major search engines, information on web site evaluation and links to style guides for citations.

Once you've become familiar with the process of doing research on the Web, check out the Ohio Reading Road Trip Web Evaluation page for details on how to make sure the information you find is brilliant, and not bogus.

As you do your research, Ohio Reading Road Trip's Web Citation Guide page will help you record the information you'll need to cite the sources you use.

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