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Conrad Richter: Criticism and Reviews

The School Library Journal has a review of The Light in the Forest.

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site reviews The Light in the Forest.

Barnes and Noble has reviews for The Light in the Forest from Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal.

Additional criticism and review of Conrad Richter's works can be found at your local public library.

The following reviews can be accessed online only by an individual who has a current library card through this address.

"Conrad Richter: Overview."
Critic: Charles R. Duke.
Twentieth-Century Young Adult Writers, 1st ed., edited by Laura Standley Berger, St. James Press, 1994.

"Conrad Richter may be best known for his historical Ohio trilogy, The Trees, The Fields, and The Town, but it is his Light in the Forest which has attracted consistent attention in the public schools and has developed an acceptance among adolescent readers and teachers of adolescent literature. Because it is…"

"A Fine Novel of Pioneers in Ohio."
Critic: Louis Bromfield.
New York Herald Tribune Weekly Book Review, March 31, 1946, p. 3.

"I doubt that any one writing today in this country is closer in understanding and treatment of its pioneer life than Conrad Richter. He has not only given the frontier his scholarly attention and sympathetic interpretation, but he has done what is even more important; he has recreated…"

"Another Volume in Mr. Richter's Fine Frontier Saga."
Critic: Louis Bromfield.
New York Herald Tribune Book Review, April 23, 1950, p. 5.

"For some years now we have had among us a top-flight writer working quietly on the story of one family and in a larger sense on the story of this nation's frontier…"

"Conrad Richter: Overview."
Critic: Frederic I. Carpenter.
Reference Guide to American Literature, 3rd ed., edited by Jim Kamp, St. James Press, 1994.

"Conrad Richter is the latest and one of the best novelists of the American frontier, in the tradition of James Fenimore Cooper and Willa Cather. To this tradition he brings…"

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