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Dav Pilkey: Criticism and Reviews

Dav Pilkey's Extra-Crunchy Website O' Fun has reviews of his books (and lots of fun and funny things to read and play).

The Adventures of Captain Underpants: An Epic Novel is reviewed by Bobby Matherne.

Barnes & Noble has reviews from Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal on Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets.

KidsReads.com reviews Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy, Part 1, and Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy, Part 2.

Additional criticism and review of Dav Pilkey's works can be found at your local public library.

The following reviews can be accessed online only by an individual who has a current library card through this address.

Dragon's Halloween.
Publishers Weekly, September 15, 2003 v250 i37 p67(1).

"Dav Pilkey…In these Halloween-themed episodes, 'bright blue Dragon never disappoints,' wrote PW in a starred review. 'The series hero is affability incarnate.'"

The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby: The First Graphic Novel by George Beard and Harold Hutchins.
Kirkus Reviews, February 1, 2002 v70 i3 p187(1).

"Familiar faces and familiar themes reappear in Pilkey's newest addition to the Captain Underpants family. George Beard and Harold Hutchins, the merry pranksters of his wildly popular series, are back this time as authors of a 'graphic novel.' Punished by their principal, Mr. Krupp, the boys are sentence to…"

Ricky Ricotta's Giant Robot.
Publishers Weekly, January 3, 2000 v247 i1 p76.

"'Some day something BIG will happen, and you will find a friend,' his father tells Ricky, a lonely mouse whose diminutive stature makes him a target of bullies…"

Captain Underpants and the Invasion of the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies from Outer Space.
Publishers Weekly, July 19, 1999 v246 i29 p195.

"Fourth-grade cut-ups Harold and George and their principal-turned-superhero are as funny as ever in Pilkey's third Captain Underpants caper…"

The Silly Gooses.
Publishers Weekly, December 8, 1997 v244 n50 p72(1).

"Pilkey, the mastermind behind the Dumb Bunnies, introduces the Silly Gooses (not 'Geese' -- that wouldn't be silly). Mr. Goose floats on a polka-dot raft and sports big cowboy boots and ridiculous hats…"

The Adventures of Captain Underpants.
Review by Stephanie Zvirin.
Booklist, July 1997 v93 n21 p1819(1).

"The title and the cover art, which depicts a toothy, egg-shaped fellow in a red cape and jockey shorts, are designed to keep this chapter book in constant circulation. The story is a superhero spoof: two misbehaving fourth-grade boys, Harold and George, hypnotize…"

The Dumb Bunnies Go to the Zoo.
Review by Julie Corsaro.
Booklist, April 1, 1997 v93 n15 p1337(1).

"The Dumb Bunnies are back in a supremely silly adventure. This time out the dim-witted trio go to the zoo, where they spot a butterfly hovering over the sign 'Lion' in front of the big cat's cage and figure the butterfly is the lion…"

God Bless the Gargoyles.
Publishers Weekly, October 14, 1996 v243 n42 p82(1).

"Pilkey's (the Dragon books; The Halloweiner) exuberant artwork takes on a mystical tone in this inspirational story about the presence of angels. As his occasionally labored rhyming verse posits, gargoyles were originally intended to…"

God Bless the Gargoyles.
Review by Susan Dove Lempke.
Booklist, October 1, 1996 v93 n3 p336(1).

"Pilkey spins a rhyming tale of gargoyles, which were originally set in place on cathedrals to keep away evil spirits, and which then become scorned as 'grotesques' and 'horrid!' / 'those beasts don't belong on the house of the lords.' The gargoyles' grief is assuaged by…"

The Paperboy.
Review by Mary M. Burns.
The Horn Book Magazine, July-August 1996 v72 n4 p453(1).

"Like many of today's movies or television shows, Pilkey introduces his story with title and credits before the central characters appear, as a full-page painting followed by two wordless double-page spreads focus on a newspaper truck making its delivery to…"

Make Way for Dumb Bunnies.
Review by Stephanie Zvirin.
Booklist, February 1, 1996 v92 n11 p937(1).

"The spirit of James Marshall's Stupids is here, with words and robust visuals carefully calculated to produce the jokes. But -- this slapstick tale, in which the eccentric rabbit family visits the beach, then causes…"

The Hallo-Wiener.
Publishers Weekly, September 18, 1995 v242 n38 p90(1).

"In this canine pun-o-rama, Oscar the dachshund goes from hangdog to hero on Halloween night. The neighborhood dogs have a heyday calling Oscar 'Wiener Dog' and laughing at his unusual shape. Unfortunately…"

The Dumb Bunnies' Easter.
Review by Mary Harris Veeder.
Booklist, February 1, 1995 v91 n11 p1009(1).

"The Bunny family is a worthy successor to those all-time favorites the Stupids. Here, the bunnies have some holiday problems. For example, they expect…"

The Moonglow Roll-O-Rama.
Publishers Weekly, January 2, 1995 v242 n1 p76(1).

"In this inventive nocturnal romp, Pilkey's (When Cats Dream; the Dragon books) delectable poetry sweeps readers into a fun-filled world where animals can be found…"

Dog Breath: The Horrible Trouble with Hally Tosis.
Review by Stephanie Zvirin.
Booklist, September 15, 1994 v91 n2 p144(1).

"Wordplay at a basic level is at the heart of this sweet, funny picture book, much as it was in Dogzilla. Here, however, the plot is totally original, and the canine featured is…"

Dragon's Halloween.
Review by Elizabeth Devereaux and Kit Alderdice.
Publishers Weekly, September 20, 1993 v240 n38 p30(1).

"Bright blue Dragon never disappoints; Pilkey's series hero is affability incarnate. In one episode here, Dragon arrives at the pumpkin patch too late to find…"

Publishers Weekly, August 16, 1993 v240 n33 p101(1).

"In a bold departure for Pilkey (When Cats Dream), these two brazenly funny picture books spoof Godzilla and King Kong as they launch the mice inhabitants of Mousopolis against…"

When Cats Dream.
Review by Ann A. Flowers.
The Horn Book Magazine, March-April 1993 v69 n2 p200(1).

"An exuberant frolic describing what cats dream about -- the ability to swim with fish, be unafraid of dogs, romp in the jungle, be tickled on their paw pads -- is more arresting for the art than for the text…"

When Cats Dream.
Publishers Weekly, July 20, 1992 v239 n32-33 p248(1).

"In this unusual and humorous picture book, Pilkey ('Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving; the Dragon books) leaps into the unknown territory of a cat's dreams and conjures forth the…"

Publishers Weekly, January 18, 1993 v240 n3 p468(1).

"In this exuberant celebration of love and sharing, Maya is given an Alaskan pig and learns that friendship is a two-way street…Pilkey's (When Cats Dream) illustrations are a felicitous departure for this gifted artist…"

The Dumb Bunnies.
Publishers Weekly, November 22, 1993 v240 n47 p62(1).

Denim (Dav Pilkey) parody a parody in this supremely silly effort. The jacket art, placing the title characters in the room featured in Goodnight Moon, loudly proclaims the author and artist's dependence on allusions…"

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