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Thomas Berger's book Vital Parts is published.

Arnold Adoff publishes two books: MA nDA LA and It Is the Poem Singing Into Your Eyes: An Anthology of New Young Poets.

Erma Bombeck's book Just Wait Till You Have Children of Your Own is published.

Natalie Babbitt receives a Newbery Honor Award for her novel Kneeknock Rise, and publishes Goody Hall.

Jane Louise Curry's novel Over the Sea's Edge is published.

The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail, a collaboration between Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, opens at Lawrence's alma mater, The Ohio State University as the Centennial Play for the American Playwrights Theatre.

Fletcher Knebel's novel Night of Camp David is published.

Allan Eckert's novel for children, Incident at Hawk's Hill, is published and receives a Newbery Honor Book Award. Also this year, his novel Tecumseh! is published.

Harlan Ellison's collection of stories Alone Against Tomorrow: Stories of Alienation in Speculative Fiction is published.

Two books by Nikki Giovanni are published: Gemini: An Extended Autobiographical Statement on My First Twenty Five Years of Being a Black Poet and Spin a Soft Black Song.

Herbert Gold's short story collection, The Magic Will: Stories & Essays of a Decade, is published.

Richard Howard's book Findings is published.

John Crowe Ransom's book, Beating the Bushes: Selected Essays 1941-1970 is published.

Virginia Hamilton's novel The Planet of Junior Brown is published.


Jane Louise Curry's novel The Ice Ghost Mystery is published.

Journey Into Childhood: The Autobiography of Lois Lenski is published.

Nikki Giovanni's Truth is on the Way receives the National Association of Radio and Television Announcers Award for Best Spoken Word Album.

Fletcher Knebel's novel Dark Horse is published.

The Pulitzer Prize in poetry is awarded to James Wright for Collected Poems.

The play Jabberwock: Improbabilities Lived and Imagined by James Thurber in the Fictional City of Columbus, Ohio, a collaboration between Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, opens in Columbus.

Zane Grey's book Outdoorsman is published.

Herbert Gold's novel based on his memoirs, My Last Two Thousand Years, is published.

Suzanne Clauser's coming of age novel, A Girl Named Sooner, is published.

Two novels written by John Jakes are published: Witch of The Dark Gate and Time Gate.

Andre Norton publishes two books: The Crystal Gryphon and Dragon Magic.

Virginia Hamilton's biography, W.E.B. DuBois, is published.


January 27, the United States and Vietnam sign a peace treaty, ending the Vietnam War. Troops move out of Vietnam several months later.

Arnold Adoff gives children's literature its first interracial family when Black Is Brown Is Tan is published.

Sula, a novel by Toni Morrison, is published.

H. M. Hoover publishes the book Children of Morrow.

Two Citizens is the latest collection of poems by James Wright to be published.

Thomas Berger's book Regiment of Women is published.

Two works by Allan Eckert are published: The Court-Martial of Daniel Boone and The Owls of North America.

Tecumseh!, an outdoor drama written by Allan Eckert and based on his novel, has its first six-day run at the Sugarloaf Mountain Amphitheater near Chillicothe, Ohio.

Nikki Giovanni receives one of eight Women of the Year awards from the Ladies Home Journal at Washington's Kennedy Center. Also this year, she gives a poetry recital at New York's Philharmonic Hall.

Langston Hughes's book Good Morning Revolution: Uncollected Writings of Social Protest is published.

Herbert Gold's novel The Young Prince and the Magic Cone, a story for children, is published.

Andre Norton's book Here Abide Monsters is published.

Virginia Hamilton's novel collection Time-Ago Lost: More Tales of Jahdu is published.

Erma Bombeck receives the Mark Twain Award for Humor, and publishes I Lost Everything in the Post-Natal Depression.


Arnold Adoff's book My Black Me: A Beginning Book of Black Poetry is published.

Astronaut and Ohioan John Glenn won a U.S. Senate seat carrying all eighty-eight counties of Ohio.

The Devil's Storybook, which was written and illustrated by Natalie Babbitt, was published.

A biography titled Paul Robeson: The Life and Times of a Free Black Man is written and published by Virginia Hamilton.

Allan Eckert's novel Incident at Hawk's Hill is adapted into a two-part television movie by Walt Disney Productions.

Harlan Ellison receives a Hugo Award and a Locus Poll Award for his novelette The Deathbird, as well as the Edgar Allen Poe Award for The Whimper of Whipped Dogs. The Hugo Award is a science fiction achievement award given by the World Science Fiction Society.

Nikki Giovanni's book My House is published.

Janet Hickman publishes her first novel for young readers, titled The Valley of the Shadow.

Herbert Gold's novel Swiftie The Magician is published.

Richard Howard's books Preferences and Two-Part Inventions are published.

Lois Lenski dies in her Florida home at eighty years of age.

Robert McCloskey is awarded the Regina Medal by the Catholic Library Association for continued distinguished contribution to children's literature.

Andre Norton's book Jargoon Pard is published.

John Crowe Ransom dies in his sleep on July 3. At the time of his death, he was living on the Kenyon College campus.


Virginia Hamilton receives a Newbery Medal and a National Book Award for her novel M.C. Higgins, the Great, which is published this year. The setting for the novel is Ohio. Hamilton also publishes a nonfiction book, The Writings of W.E.B. Dubois.

Thomas Berger's book Sneaky People is published.

Arnold Adoff's book Make a Circle, Keep Us In: Poems for a Good Day is published.

Natalie Babbitt's international bestseller Tuck Everlasting is published.

Erma Bombeck joins the cast of ABC's Good Morning America and produces humorous features and interviews for the program.

Novelist Jack Schaefer receives a distinguished achievement award from the Western Literature Association.

Jane Louise Curry's novel Parsley Sage, Rosemary, and Time is published.

Paul Laurence Dunbar is honored by the United States Postal Service with a 10-cent commemorative stamp.

Song of the Trees, the first novel by Mildred Taylor, is published. The book wins the Council on Interracial Books for Children contest in the African-American category.

Sticks and Stones, a book of poems by William Matthews, is published.

Harlan Ellison receives both a Hugo Award and a Locus Poll Award for his novelette Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans. The Hugo Award is a science fiction achievement award given by the World Science Fiction Society.

Nikki Giovanni releases a record titled The Way I Feel and publishes a book titled Women and the Men.

Zane Grey publishes four works this year: Greatest Animal Stories, Savage Kingdom, Greatest Indian Stories, and Greatest Western Stories.

Andre Norton receives the Phoenix Award for overall writing achievement. Also this year, she publishes four books: Knave of Dreams, Merlin's Mirror, No Night Without Stars, and The White Jade Fox.

Rod Serling dies during heart bypass surgery at a hospital in Rochester, New York, ending a career as one of television's greatest writers and personalities.

The television movie of Suzanne Clauser's novel A Girl Named Sooner airs in June. Clauser adapted the book for television.


Mildred Taylor publishes Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry and is honored with the prestigious Newbery Medal, an American Library Association Notable Book citation, and a Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor Book citation.

Erma Bombeck's book The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank is published. The book sold over half a million copies in hardcover and was on the best-seller list for over ten months.

Arnold Adoff's book Big Sister Tells Me that I'm Black is published.

Jane Louise Curry's novel The Magical Cupboard is published.

Doorways in the Sand by Roger Zelazny is named one of the best young adult books of the year by the American Library Association.

Nikki Giovanni's record The Reason I like Chocolate is released.

H. M. Hoover's novel Treasures of Morrow is published.

The Stones, Janet Hickman's historical novel about life during World War II, is published.

Richard Howard's book Fellow Feeling is published.

Andre Norton's book Wraiths of Time is published.

Virginia Hamilton's novel Arilla Sun Down is published.


Thomas Berger's book Who is Teddy Villanova? is published.

Two Arnold Adoff books are published: Tornado! Poems and Celebrations: A New Anthology of Black American Poetry.

Toni Morrison publishes the novel Song of Solomon, for which she receives the National Book Critics Circle Award. The novel is on the New York Times bestseller list for 16 weeks.

To A Blossoming Pear Tree is the last collection of poems by James Wright published in his lifetime. The book ends with the poem "Beautiful Ohio."

Natalie Babbitt's book The Eyes of the Amaryllis is published.

Ron McFarland publishes Certain Women, his first book of poems.

Harlan Ellison receives a Nebula Award from the Science Fiction Writers of America for his short story "Jeffty is Five."

Zane Grey's novel The Reef Girl is published.

Herbert Gold's novel Waiting For Cordelia is published.

Andre Norton is the first woman to be awarded the Grand Master of Fantasy (Gandalf) Award at the World Science Fiction Convention. The Gandalf is a special Hugo Award for overall excellence in science fiction and fantasy.

Andre Norton's book Velvet Shadows is published.

Dav Pilkey started drawing his first "Water Man" comic, and in a few months, twenty issues were complied into the Water Man Epics.

Carolyn Keene's (Mildred Wirt Benson) novel series Nancy Drew is made into a television series titled The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries.


Erma Bombeck is appointed to the President's National Advisory Committee for Women by President Jimmy Carter. The committee had originally been launched by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Thomas Berger's book Arthur Rex: A Legendary Novel is published.

R. L. Stine publishes his first book for young adults, How to Be Funny: An Extremely Silly Guidebook under the name "Jovial Bob Stine." "Jovial Bob Stine" also publishes The Absurdly Silly Encyclopedia and Flyswatter this year.

Arnold Adoff's books Where Wild Willie and Under the Early Morning Trees are published.

Allan Eckert's book The Wading Birds of North America is published.

Zoar Blue, a novel by Janet Hickman that takes place during the Civil War, is published.

Harlan Ellison receives both a Hugo Award and a Locus Poll Award for his short story "Jeffty is Five." The Hugo Award is a science fiction achievement award given by the World Science Fiction Society.

John Jakes's novel The Bastard is made into a television miniseries.

Erma Bombeck's book If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits? is published. Also this year, she's named one of the World Almanac's 25 Most Influential Women in America.

Conrad Richter's book The Town is published.

Virginia Hamilton's book series Justice and Her Brothers is published.


Arnold Adoff's book I Am the Running Girl is published.

Jane Louise Curry's novel Ghost Lane is published.

Allan Eckert's novel Savage Journey is published

The Fantasies of Harlan Ellison is published.

Herbert Gold's novel Slave Trade is published.

Aunt Erma's Cope Book: How to Get from Monday to Friday…in Twelve Days, written by Erma Bombeck, is published.

Richard Howard's book Misgivings is published.

Two of John Jakes's novels are made into television miniseries: The Seekers and The Rebels.

Thomas Berger's book Neighbors is published.


Friend Dog by Arnold Adoff is published.

Rita Dove publishes her first collection of poetry, The Yellow House on the Corner.

Louis Bromfield is posthumously elected to the Ohio Agricultural Hall of Fame.

Allan Eckert's novel Song of the Wild is published.

James Cross Giblin's The Scarecrow Book is publilshed.

Roger Zelazny publishes the last volume in his Amber series, The Courts of Chaos, and the novel Changeling.

Nikki Giovanni's book Recreation is published.

Daniel Keyes's novel The Fifth Sally is published.

Andre Norton receives the Martha Kinney Cooper Ohioana Library Award for lifetime achievement.

Poet William Matthews is named a Guggenheim Fellowship to assist in artistic creation.

Virginia Hamilton's book series Dustland is published. She also publishes her novel Jahdu this year.

Poet James Wright, often called one of America's finest contemporary poets, dies of cancer in New York City on March 25.

Ronald Reagan is sworn in as President of the United States.

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