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Teacher CyberGuide features writing activities based on Walk Two Moons, the novel by Sharon Creach.

Scholastic.com provides writing activities for House of Dies Drear by Virginia Hamilton.

Scholastic.com has series of nonfiction writing activities that was developed by professional writer Stuart Miller.

Web English Teacher has a list of topics, such as creative writing, narrative writing, and descriptive writing, leading to links of writing activities that address the process.

Teachers.net provides a narrative writing activity for sixth graders.

In this writing activity, middle grade students must create an original short story/suspense project.

ActDen's Writing Den provides innovative and interactive learning with a Teacher's Guide for incorporating the writing exercises into the classroom.

In this exercise students practice writing by writing a letter to an author whose book they've read about the way a book can affect our lives.

In the activity All About Me, students practice biographical and autobiographical forms of writing.

For those students who panic at the very thought of having to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) Write? No Way! introduces them to a discovery of right brain-left brain differences first, then invites them to break down some of their self-criticism enough to try writing again.

Outta Ray's Head Writing Lessons are a collection of lesson plans with handouts by Ray Saitz and many contributors; all of the lessons have been used and refined in the classroom.

In the Fractured Fairy Tales writing activity, students use familiar characters, plots, and settings from traditional fairy tales to create "fractured" versions, while experimenting with satire, irony and parody.

The Create a Story activity is five lessons that build from characters and settings to the completed story.

The Educators Reference Desk Lesson Plan titled What Would Happen If? gives students both lessons in creativity and imagination as well as writing stories.

The Educators Reference Des has a list of well-written activities for students of all grade levels, many either for middle school students or adaptable to their progress level.

While designed for teacher workshops, these 100 Mini Lessons can be adapted for use in the classroom. The lessons focus on different types of writing from the mechanics to creative.

The Biography Maker is an interactive web site that is designed to inspire story telling and creative, vivid writing. The steps include questioning, learning, synthesis, and storytelling.

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