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Writers Should Read!
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General tips and information on the art of writing

Writers Write has articles on how to get ideas on what to write.

artofwritingzine.com has great information on writing all the literary genres.

Creative Writing for Teens also takes a serious look on why it's important for writers to read, both inside and outside your favorite genre.

The Internet Public Library can help you learn about constructing or writing paragraphs, writing clearly, and avoiding cliches, go directly to the Writing Style section. Lots of links here on style and writing technique.

TeenSpace was developed by the Internet Public Library (IPL) and offers information on researching and writing, along with links to additional resources.

Writing Tips by James Hudnall has twenty-three useful tips for writers.

Writer's Ink helps you show, not tell, your story.

Guide to Writing a Basic Essay breaks a big task into bite-sized chunks.

Writer's Resource Center has links to many articles and sites that can benefit new writers. Check out their "Craft of Writing" links!

EyeOnBooks has a myriad of resources for writers, many of them in the form of interviews you can listen to online.

KidAuthors.com is a new web site devoted to helping young people ages 8 to 18 learn writing and give them an opportunity to share their work online.

Writing Corner features an article for young writers titled "Beyond the Basics: Ideas, Observation and Research."

Books that offer information on writing


Neil Gaiman has questions to ask yourself to trigger your creative muse.

Tips on Writing from the Creative Writing for Teens Community has links to articles on how ideas can come from anywhere, how to get started writing, and how to finish a story or novel.


The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America provide valuable assistance with the article, "50 Strategies for Making Yourself Work."

Finding Time to Write is presented by the Writer's Resource Center.

Deadlines and How to Make Them Work for You helps those motivated by a ticking clock and why they might consider a different approach.

Tips to Avoid Writing Procrastination not only apply to writing but to any task or assignment you face!


The Importance of Research pretty much says it all.

Ohio Reading Road Trip provides helpful information on finding information on the web and determining whether or not the content is reliable.

Research: When and How Much? is an article on the Writer's Write web site.

Writer Lindsay Townsend has research tips for writers that she's developed throughout her years as an author.

How to Avoid Plagiarism offers information and help for new and less experienced writers on how to research carefully so that you don't claim someone else's work as your own.

A Research Guide for Students provides an almost overwhelming number of links from research, writing and style guides to citing works and paper formats.

OGRE, the Online Guide to Research Essentials has information on taking notes and the art of incorporating quotes and paraphrasing.

TeenSpace at the Internet Public Library has step by step research and writing advice, including a great section on searching for background material.

Writers Should Read!
Good writers are avid readers. You can begin to recognize narrative techniques by reading, and by learning how to read fiction and poetry from a writer's point of view.

Reading Toward Writing is a college handout that contains great information that will also benefit older middle school students.

Children's and Young Adults' Authors & Illustrators has an internet index site that takes you to bibliographies of authors, author birthdays and interviews online. You'll also find author biographies on this site.

How the Language Really Works features the Fundamentals of Critical Reading and Effective Writing. Younger students may have a more difficult time with this site, but the principles contained here will benefit students who are serious about writing.

Writing Tools

The Ohio Public Library Information Network has a great list of links for dictionaries, style manuals, thesauri, and other great resources.

Reading and writing tools provides direct connections to dictionaries, grammar and style web sites.

Links for Word Lovers gives you link access to dictionaries, creative writing resources, thesauri, and word games.

Craftsmen of the Written Word is not only a site put together by young authors, but it also offers an opportunity for you to submit your own and read what others have written.

Citing Web Sources has information on using quotations and avoiding plagiarism (using someone else's work -- either word for word or paraphrasing another's work -- without giving credit), and the correct way to list sources for your writing.

Ohio Public Library Information Network will help you find a public library near your school or home. Many of these local libraries have online links through which you can retrieve information.

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