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Janet Hickman: Criticism and Reviews

Criticism and review of Janet Hickman's works can be found at your local public library.

The following reviews can be accessed online only by an individual who has a current library card through this address.

Review by Carolyn Phelan.
Booklist, July 2002 v98 i21 p1846(1).

"When a portal to a parallel world invisibly opens in a ravine near Jeremy's house, the first one to pass through it is his dog, Duchess. There she befriends the Ulf, better known as…"

Review by Roger Sutton.
The Horn Book Magazine, May-June 2002 v78 i3 p331(1).

"Named Magic in one world and Duchess in another, a dog is the link between two boys with entwined destinies in this smartly paced fantasy. Jeremy has been warned by his mother…"

Publishers Weekly, January 1, 2001 v248 i1 p94.

"Hickman presents an insightful introduction to Shaker culture in this heartfelt story set in 1810…"

Review by Maeve Visser Knoth.
The Horn Book Magazine, January 1999 v75 i1 p62(1).

"Hickman's historical novel is set in 1810 near Lebanon, Ohio, at a newly formed Shaker community where fourteen-year-old Susannah is an unwilling resident…"

Publishers Weekly, October 26, 1998 p67(1).

"Hickman (Jericho) presents a suspenseful and insightful introduction to Shaker culture in this heartfelt story set in 1810. Susannah is 14 years old when her recently widowed father decides…"

Review by Nancy Vasilakis.
The Horn Book Magazine, November-December 1994 v70 n6 p731(2).

"Hickman evokes the strong bonds of family across generational lines in this haunting coming-of-age novel set in both the present and the past. Twelve-year-old Angela and her family…"

Review by Chris Sherman.
Booklist, September 1, 1994 v91 n1 p41(1).

"Hickman's quiet but emotionally charged story explores the connections between four generations of women through alternating sections about 12-year-old Angela, anxious for clues to…"

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