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James Cross Giblin: Criticism and Reviews

The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler is reviewed by Publishers Weekly and the School Library Journal.

When Plague Strikes: The Black Death, Smallpox, AIDS is reviewed by Irma S. Jarcho for the Teachers Clearinghouse for Science and Society.

The Amazing Life of Benjamin Franklin is reviewed by Rob Shearer for Greenleaf Press.

Additional criticism and review of James Cross Giblin's works can be found at your local public library.

The following reviews can be accessed online only by an individual who has a current library card through this address.

The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler.
Kirkus Reviews, March 15, 2002 v70 i6 p411(1).

"Opening with an overview of dictators through history, Giblin (The Amazing Life of Benjamin Franklin), always a graceful, unemotional stylist, traces the life and actions of the leader of 'the thousand year Reich' in a straightforward and lucid manner. His narrative explores three basic questions…"

"James Cross Giblin: The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler."
Review by Peter D. Sieruta.
The Horn Book Magazine, May-June 2002 v78 i3 p346(2).

"Because the most notorious figure of the twentieth century also remains one of the most enigmatic, it would be unfair to expect Giblin to actually plumb the psyche of Adolf Hitler…"

The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler.
Review by Todd Morning.
Booklist, April 1, 2002 v98 i15 p1336(1).

"Hitler's cold eyes stare out from the cover photograph of this excellent biography. Much of the book centers on Hitler's early years and rise to power after the First World War, with emphasis on…"

The Century That Was: Reflections on the Last One Hundred Years.
Publishers Weekly, May 8, 2000 v247 i19 p222

"Giblin (The Mystery of the Mammoth Bones) assembles an impressive collection of children's authors to put into context many of the major accomplishments, setbacks and changes that have occurred over the (twentieth) century. The 11 essays show…"

The Century That Was: Reflections on the Last One Hundred Years.
Review by Hazel Rochman.
Booklist, March 1, 2000 v96 i13 p1235.

"Eleven of the best writers for young people look at the last century in America, each from a particular viewpoint…"

The Amazing Life of Benjamin Franklin.
The Horn Book Magazine, May 2000 v76 i3 p333.

"Man of the world, statesman, writer, inventor, autodidact, politician, public-spirited citizen, humorist -- the possible accolades for Benjamin Franklin would cover a sizable monument to his accomplishments. Yet, by his own choice…"

"Making History."
Publishers Weekly, February 28, 2000 v247 i9 p81.

"A companion to their acclaimed biographies of Washington and Jefferson, The Amazing Life of Benjamin Franklin by James Cross Giblin, illus. by Michael Dooling, takes on one of America's most…"

The Amazing Life of Benjamin Franklin.
Review by Ilene Cooper.
Booklist, February 15, 2000 v96 i12 p1105.

"Following the format of his picture book biographies of George Washington (1992) and Thomas Jefferson (1994), Giblin, ably aided by artist Michael Dooling, presents the life of Benjamin Franklin -- and an amazing life it was…"

The Mystery of the Mammoth Bones: And How It Was Solved.
The Horn Book Magazine, September 1999 v75 i5 p624.

"Nearly two hundred years ago, before there was any knowledge of dinosaurs, a portrait painter from Philadelphia unearthed two fossilized skeletons of an unknown mammoth animal…"

The Mystery of the Mammoth Bones: And How It Was Solved.
Publishers Weekly, January 25, 1999 v246 i4 p97.

"With the pacing of an ace detective, Giblin (Charles Lindbergh) unveils the painstaking steps in artist and naturalist Charles Willson Peale's 1801 discovery of mammoth bones. Through a third-person narration of Peale's experience, Giblin establishes…"

The Mystery of the Mammoth Bones.
Review by Carolyn Phelan.
American Library Association, copyright 1999.

"'Less than two hundred years ago, no one knew that creatures like the dinosaurs had ever roamed the Earth...' So begins this discussion of Charles Willson Peale and the mastodon (or mammoth) fossil bones he unearthed, studied, assembled, and displayed…"

Charles A. Lindbergh: A Human Hero
Review by Roger Sutton.
The Horn Book Magazine, November-December 1997 v73 n6 p695(2).

"It's a tribute to Giblin's narrative skill that he can retell such oft-told events as Lindbergh's record-making Atlantic flight and the kidnapping of Charles Jr. and still manage to evoke the suspense of the moment…"

Charles A. Lindbergh: A Human Hero
Review by Randy Meyer.
Booklist, September 15, 1997 v94 n2 p230(1).

"The subtitle says it all. 'Lucky Lindy' gets the star treatment here -- accolades for his solo transatlantic flight and empathy for the kidnapping and murder of his child -- but he is also shown in a sober spotlight that examines…"

The Dwarf, The Giant, and the Unicorn: A Tale of King Arthur.
Review by Carolyn Phelan.
Booklist, December 1, 1996 v93 n7 p666(2).

"In this unusual tale, King Arthur's ship runs aground on an island. While his knights repair the vessel, Arthur seeks help, finding a dwarf who warns that…"

When Plague Strikes: The Black Death, Smallpox, AIDS.
Review by Mary M. Burns.
The Horn Book Magazine, January-February 1996 v72 n1 p90(2).

"Illustrated with woodcuts by David Frampton. Using the plague of Athens as a lead-in, Giblin offers insight into history and our own times by examining the causes and consequences of -- as well as social attitudes toward and medical responses to -- plagues that threaten to overwhelm large segments of the population…"

When Plague Strikes: The Black Death, Smallpox, AIDS.
Publishers Weekly, November 13, 1995 v242 n46 p62(1).

"The devastating spread of three epidemic diseases, and the many responses they have evoked, are ably and insightfully covered in this illuminating book…"

Thomas Jefferson: A Picture Book Biography.
Review by Carolyn Phelan.
Booklist, October 15, 1994 v91 n4 p421(1).

"In the same picture-book format as the author and illustrator's George Washington (1992), this volume presents the life of Thomas Jefferson…"

Be Seated: A Book About Chairs.
Review by Margaret A. Bush.
The Horn Book Magazine, March-April 1994 v70 n2 p216(1).

"Unadorned flat stools, ornately carved thrones, and molded fiberglass chairs are among the many types of seating furniture introduced in this interesting blend of technological and social history…"

Be Seated: A Book About Chairs.
Review by Carolyn Phelan.
Booklist, December 15, 1993 v90 n8 p749(1).

"As in his books on windows and eating utensils, Giblin takes a seemingly ordinary topic, researches its history in different cultures, and shows it in a new light, revealing fascinating details set in a solid framework of information…"

George Washington: A Picture Book Biography.
Publishers Weekly, August 24, 1992 v239 n38 p81(1).

"Giblin's (Chimney Sweeps: Yesterday and Today; The Truth About Santa Claus) simplified yet well-rounded portrait of Washington offers considerable insight into the private man…"

The Truth About Unicorns.
Publishers Weekly, October 4, 1991 v238 n44 p90(1).

"Giblin's (Chimney Sweeps; The Truth About Santa Claus) meticulously researched text examines the historical, mythical, religious and physical significance of the unicorn…"

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