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Sherwood Anderson Extension Activities:
Something Creepy

In Section IV of the story "Death in the Woods," the narrator is talking about the hunter, who finds the old woman's body in the snowy clearing. The hunter is frightened and leaves quickly to go back to town. The narrator describes the hunter's feelings when he says, "In a woods, in the late afternoon, when the trees are all bare and there is white snow on the ground, when all is silent, something creepy steals over the mind and body."

In this creative writing activity, students will write a poem from the hunter's point of view and also write a story based on this quote.

Getting Started

Lesson Objectives
After completing this activity, students will be able to:

  • Write a poem that describes a specific character and setting
  • Write a short story in response to a prompt

Grade Level Indicators
In meeting the lesson objectives, students will:

H. Use available technology to compose text
I. Publish writing for display or for sharing with others

Time Required
You could ask students to complete one or both of these Extension Activities. If the activities are done in class, you will probably need the following amount of time:

  • Poem - 20-25 minutes
  • Short Story - 45 minutes or more

Resources Needed
Computer with Internet access and printing capability


Handout and Discussion

Give students the Something Creepy handout.

Download the Handout (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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