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Jane Louise Curry: Criticism and Reviews

Criticism and review of Jane Louise Curry's works can be found at your local public library.

The following reviews can be accessed online only by an individual who has a current library card through this address.

Hold Up the Sky: and Other Native American Tales from Texas and the Southern Plains.
Review by Karen Hutt.
Booklist, April 1, 2003 v99 i15 p1391(1).

"Curry retells 26 tales from 14 different tribes whose traditional lands were in the southern plains and Texas."

Hold up the Sky: and Other Native American Tales from Texas and the Southern Plains.
Kirkus Reviews, March 15, 2003 v71 i6 p463(1).

The Egyptian Box.
Publishers Weekly, March 4, 2002 v249 i9 p80(1).

"Good groundwork successfully supports Curry's (A Stolen Life) contemporary fantasy, despite an underwhelming conclusion."

The Egyptian Box.
Kirkus Reviews, February 15, 2002 v70 i4 p253(1).

"Tee is resentful, irritable, shy, self-conscious, contrary, and determined to be miserable. In short, she's a fairly typical middle-school-age girl. She is particularly unhappy because…"

The Wonderful Sky Boat: And Other Native American Tales of the Southeast.
The Horn Book Magazine, September 2001 v77 i5 p601.

"Tales of the beginning time, when the first powerful birds and animal people 'lived in the land above the dome of the sky,' and humans were…"

The Wonderful Sky Boat. And Other Native American Tales of the Southeast.
Review by Karen Hutt.
Booklist, May 15, 2001 v97 i18 p1746.

"… Although the stories are relatively short and the language simple, middle-grade readers unfamiliar with the characters and the conventions of American Indian tales will benefit most from…"

A Stolen Life.
Publishers Weekly, December 13, 1999 v246 i50 p83.

"This densely layered, fast-paced historical novel encompasses an impressive range of…"

A Stolen Life.
Review by Kay Weisman.
Booklist, November 1, 1999 v96 i5 p528.

"In 1758, while picnicking with friends at a beach in Scotland, teenager Jamesina Mackenzie is abducted by spiriters, people who kidnap European children and convey them…"

Turtle Island.
Review by Karen Hutt.
Booklist, June 1, 1999 p1818.

"The 27 tales here include stories of how the world was made, pourquoi stories, cautionary tales, and legends of…"

Dark Shade.
Review by Anne Deifendeifer.
The Horn Book Magazine, May-June 1998 v74 n3 p341(2).

"While walking through the wooded hills near her Pennsylvania home, sixteen-year-old Maggie passes through a hole in time and abruptly finds herself in…"

Dark Shade.
Review by GraceAnne A. DeCandido.
Booklist, April 1998 v94 n15 p1312(1).

"Skillfully weaving history, time travel, and a hint of romance, Curry creates a page-turner with lots to explore. The summer that Maggie Gilmour is 16, she takes…"

Moon Window.
Review by Kay Weisman.
Booklist, October 15, 1996 v93 n4 p420(1).

"…Jo's plans call for bolting back home to Boston at the first opportunity, but when she escapes out the round attic window (through which the moon always appears full), she discovers…"

Robin Hood in the Greenwood.
Review by Carolyn Phelan.
Booklist, November 15, 1995 v92 n6 p550(2).

The Black Book of Polish Censorship.
Review by Stanislaw Baranczak.
The New Republic, April 2, 1984 v190 p33(3).

"The affair began like a Le Carre novel, but its outcome makes one think more along the lines of Kafka and Orwell. In February, 1977, an inconspicuous Polish citizen arrived in Sweden by ferry for a two-week vacation. The only peculiar thing about him was his luggage; he brought along, in his pockets and in plastic bags hidden under his clothes, some six hundred pages of…"

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