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Lois McMaster Bujold: Criticism and Reviews

The Bujold Nexus Lois McMaster Bujold's web site, features links to reviews of a number of her more popular novels, along with links to general criticism of her work.

Additional criticism and review of Lois McMaster Bujold's works can be found at your local public library.

The following reviews can be accessed online only by an individual who has a current library card through this address.

Paladin of Souls.
Review by Roland Green.
Booklist, September 1, 2003 v100 i1 p5(1).

"The eagerly awaited sequel to The Curse of Chalion (2001) continues the story of the world of Chalion, though not strictly of Chalion, after Iselle and Bergon have defeated one lot of enemies and celebrated their wedding. Paladin of Souls focuses…"

The Paladin of Souls.
Review by Jackie Cassada.
Library Journal, July 2003 v128 i12 p132(1).

"Cured of the madness that made her a prisoner in the castle of her family, the Lady Ista dy Baocia, Dowager Royina of Chalion, finds herself at loose ends. Bereft of husband, son, and parents, she decides to…"

Diplomatic Immunity: A Comedy of Terrors.
Kliatt, July 2003 v37 i4 p6(1)

"In this book, part of the continuing Vorkosigan saga, Miles finds he must stop a war that may happen by mistake. The plot and the characters, the bioterrors, and the biomarvels are…"

The Curse of Chalion.
Review by Jackie Cassada.
Library Journal, July 2001 v126 i12 p131.

"Betrayed by an unknown enemy into slavery, former soldier and courtier Lupe dy Cazaril escapes his bondage and returns to the royal household he once served. Entrusted…"

A Civil Campaign: A Comedy of Biology and Manners.
Review by Dean James.
Library Journal, April 1, 2000 v125 i6 p160.

"Half the joy of reading fiction is in the discovery. Whether a reader is looking for books of similar genre, subject matter, or writing style, sleepers are the most fun to recommend by word of mouth. Galactic goings-on…"

Review by Leah Sparks.
Library Journal, January 2000 v125 i1 p188.

"Hugo and Nebula Award winner Bujold's superb novel is brought to life in this stellar recording. Lt. Miles Vorkosigan, the book's 22-year-old protagonist, is…"

Publishers Weekly, December 11, 1995 v242 n50 p61(1).

"The power to engineer a civilization's genetic destiny fosters new variations on old struggles for political power in this entertaining space-operatic entry in Bujold's long-running Vorkosigan saga. Miles Vorkosigan, hero of Mirror Dance (winner of the 1995 Hugo Award for Best Novel), is…"

Reviews by Roland Green.
Booklist, May 15, 1998 v94 n18 p1600(1).

"The latest Miles Vorkosigan adventure is so understated that only very gradually does the emotional impact we have come to expect from Bujold's novels register…"

Publishers Weekly, September 23, 1996 v243 n39 p60(1).

Miles Vorkosigan, secret agent extraordinaire and hero of six previous Bujold novels, has made a serious error. Not entirely recovered from…"

Women at War.
Publishers Weekly, October 30, 1995 v242 n44 p48(1).

"The stories in this no-Y-chromosomes-allowed anthology go a long way toward answering the question raised by multiple-Hugo winner Bujold in her introduction: 'What does it mean to…'"

Mirror Dance.
Review by Roland Green.
Booklist, January 1, 1994 v90 n9 p811(1).

"Bujold, winner of five major SF awards, may well garner a sixth with this, her first hardcover original. it features the deformed and undersized heir to…"

The Spirit Ring.
Publishers Weekly, August 31, 1992 v239 n39 p67(2).

"Hugo and Nebula winner Bujold (the Miles Vorkosigan series; Barrayar) makes her hardcover debut with this enthralling dark fantasy set in Renaissance Italy, where the church regulates…"

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