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Ohio Authors

Ohio has good reason to brag about our authors. Ohio literature has shaped American literature and society for two centuries!

The Ohio Reading Road Trip web site presents lots of great information to help you learn more about Ohio authors and their books, stories, and poems.

Want the inside scoop on your favorite Ohio authors? Check out the Biographies of Ohio Authors. Just click on a name and you'll find out about that author's life plus other interesting stuff -- who liked math, who traveled a lot, what inspired them to write, and much more! You'll also find a list of the books that each author has written, plus books about the author, movies or TV shows that were based on his or her writing, interviews with the author, etc.

Almost everybody has a favorite kind of book. Maybe you're into science fiction, mysteries, or humor. Ohio Authors by Genre will give you an idea of who writes the kind of books you like to read. Just go to the genre you like and click on an author's name to get to a list of selected works for that author.

Write to a Writer gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from Ohio authors who are currently publishing novels for young adults. Want to know when Sharon Draper likes to write? (In the morning when everyone else is asleep, including the dog!) Ever wonder if seventh-grade teacher and author Jim Arter bases his characters on real students? (Not anyone specifically, but sometimes they give him good ideas!) Now you can find out where real authors get their inspiration, how they go about creating the books you like to read, and why they like to write.

Still can't get enough of Ohio authors? The Ohio Reading Road Trip curriculum kit is supplemented by additional Extension Activities for many of its lessons.

Where are they from? Click a city on the Ohio Literary Map to see who lived there. Click on the city and you'll go to a page that lists those authors with links to their biographies.

Maybe you're curious about when Ohio authors were writing their famous books. Check out the Timeline of Ohio Authors to see important events such as when Ohio's authors were born, when their most important books were published, and what else was going on in the world while Ohio was making literary history.

But that's not all check out all of the interesting Links that we found!

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