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Sherwood Anderson: Resources and Links

American Studies at the University of Virginia has the text of Winesburg, Ohio online that features an introduction by Irving Howe. The introduction to the online edition of the novel is part biography, part analysis.

Books and Writers features a profile of Sherwood Anderson along with a selected bibliography of his work.

Classic Authors Online has a biographical timeline of Anderson and links to his works that are published online.

Clyde, Ohio has an historical marker to commemorate their famous resident. On this page, you can also download a copy of Anderson's best-known novel, Winesburg, Ohio.

Gradesaver.com ClassicNotes has notes, essays and links on Winesburg, Ohio to help students.

The Library of Congress provides a profile of Anderson from the "Today in History" project, along to a link of a literary map of Ohio.

Litelit.com has an interesting profile of Anderson, along with quotes from Winesburg, Ohio.

National Council of Teachers of English joins forces with ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre's American Collection Educator's Site. This essay on Sherwood Anderson was submitted by Cindy Chang, a student of Breen Reardon, an English teacher at Sycamore High School in Cincinnati. The site not only includes an extensive biography of Anderson, but also a chronological listing of his works, links to critical reviews, and references cited in the essay.

"Sherwood Anderson." Encyclopedia of World Biography, 2nd ed. 17 Vols. Gale Research, 1998. Reproduced in Biography Resource Center. Farmington Hills, MI: The Gale Group. 2003. Document Number: K1631000201. This document is available online through your public library and only to individuals with library cards.

The Sherwood Anderson Literary Center is an affiliate of the Lorain County Historical Society. The Center is dedicated to "encouraging people who enjoy reading and writing to engage more completely in the creative process and to experience the adventure that its discoveries yield." The site provides a wealth of information about Anderson and his works.

Selected Books about Sherwood Anderson

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