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Lois Lenski: Resources and Links

Denise Ortakales' Lois Lenski web site features a biography, illustrations and an extensive bibliography.

Lenski, Lois. Journey into Childhood: The Autobiography of Lois Lenski. Lippencott, 1972.

Lois Lenski is presented by the Milner Library at Illinois State University. The site features a biography, bibliography, and related web sites.

"Lois Lenski." Major Authors and Illustrators for Children and Young Adults, 2nd ed., 8 vols. Gale Group, 2002. Reproduced in Biography Resource Center. Farmington Hills, MI: The Gale Group. 2003. Document Number: K1617001529.

Lois Lenski's papers are at the McCain Library and Archives University Libraries at the University of Southern Mississippi. This web site provides biographical information on Lenski and details the collection, which is available for research.

Purple House Pressincludes a biography of Lenski and her words from a forward to her poetry book, The Life I Live Collected Poems.

Selected Books about Lois Lenski

Adams, Charles M., editor, Lois Lenski: An Appreciation. Friends of the Library of the Woman's College. Greensboro, NC: University of North Carolina, 1963.

Coyle, William, editor, Ohio Authors and Their Books. Cleveland, OH: World Publishing Co., 1962.

Lenski, Lois, Journey into Childhood: The Autobiography of Lois Lenski. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, 1972.

Silvey, Anita, Editor, Children's Books and Their Creators. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, 1995.

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