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Thomas Berger: Resources and Links

Brainyquote.com provids tens of thousands of quotes from authors, celebrities, politicians, etc.

Contemporary Authors Online, Gale, 2003.

Chiasmus.com is a site devote to chiasmus, which is a reversal in the order of words in two otherwise parallel phrases. Thomas Berger has several chiastic phrases to his credit. You can find them on this site.

World and Homeschool.com features a profile of Thomas Berger.

A book about the novels of Thomas Berger has been written by Brooks Landon, professor of English at Iowa State University. The preface and first chapter can be read online.

"Thomas (Louis) Berger." Contemporary Novelists, 7th ed. St. James Press, 2001. Reproduced in Biography Resource Center. Farmington Hills, Mich.: The Gale Group. 2003. Document Number: K1659000058. This document is available online through the public library to individuals with library cards.

Time Warner BookMark features a brief bio of Berger on its site, along with links to descriptions of two of his books.

Selected Books about Thomas Berger

Landon, Brooks, Thomas Berger. Boston, MA: Twayne, 1989.

Madden, David W., ed., Critical Essays on Thomas Berger. New York, NY: G. K. Hall, 1995.

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